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There are two main reasons why a balloon twister will work slow.

1. They are a beginner and have to think the process through. This is also why most of them wont talk while making the balloon.

2. They are concerned about costs. The balloons are "Consumables" and each one costs them money.

Steven Phillips is a "Speed Twister" and is capable of handling 100 simple balloons per hour. (One baloon dogs, swords, hearts, etc.) He can also make 25-30 large creations per hour. (3-10 balloons per creation) Rainbow, fruit basket, Batman hat, Buckeye crown, chicken hat and more. Balloons are consumables and cost between 6 cents to $1.00 per balloon depending on the type of balloon being used and also how they are bought. Steven buys his in bulk and usually buys $300 at a time so he gets a good price. He does not buy stale balloons at Party City which also are the most expensive balloons to buy. People who do either don't have an account with a distrubutor\manufacturer or they just dont have bulk gigs where they can afford to buy in bulk.

As a result of the cost of the balloons entertainers will skimp on the balloons used. Telling jokes and stories instead of making balloons to make up time. Steven is able to chew bubble gum and walk at the same time. LOL. He tells stories and jokes while still cranking out balloons. After all, he is a "Balloon Twister". Right!

A speed twister has essentially worked for many years and has done so many different balloons that he is capable of making the item without stopping and thinking the process through like a beginner would. A true speed twister will also give you a quality piece not sloppy.

Call Steven today and see what a Party Animal can do for your event!

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